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Dr Terry Corbitt
Managing Director

Terry graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc and PhD in Zoology. After 10 years carrying out insect physiology research at a government  research laboratory he moved into technology transfer. Terry has broad experience in all aspects of technology transfer and has worked for a number of organizations during the last 20 years in intellectual property / contract management roles particularly related to healthcare technology.



Dr Grahame Mackenzie
Technical Director

He is Reader in Bioorganic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hull, Visiting Professor at the universities of University of Hokkaido, Japan (1989, Oct-Nov), Picardie Jules Verne (1992-2005), Artois (2005-2010) and Limoges (2006-2008) and co-founder of Sporomex Ltd. He obtained his PhD, under the direction of  Professor Gordon Shaw at the University of Bradford in 1976. He was a SRC/University of Bradford Research Fellow, visiting investigator at the Sloan Kettering Cancer  Research Institute in New York (1979) and CNRS Poste Rouge, Director of Research at the University of Lyon, France (1988-1989). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of  Chemistry and RSC Chartered Chemist. He has published over 140 papers in the areas of nucleosides, nucleotides, heterocycles, carbohydrates and sporopollenin.





Dr Stephen T. Beckett
Honorary Associate

Graduated in physics from Durham University and obtained a D.Phil from the University of York, UK. He spent 8 years carrying out research into asbestosis at the    Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh, before joining Rowntrees in 1979. With this company and subsequently with Nestlé, he has been involved both in research and factory production. Up to his retirement from there in 2006, he was responsible for university and other outside collaborations. He is the author of numerous articles and patents as well as editing "Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use" (5th edition, 2017), and "Physico-Chemical Aspects of Food Processing" and writing "The Science of Chocolate", which was published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (3rd edition 2019). For over ten years he was chairman of Leatherhead Food Research's Confectionery Forum and chairman of the German Confectionery School's Chocolate Technology Committee in Solingen. In 2009 he was award the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry and became a visiting Professor in Physical Sciences at Hull University. Stephen has retired from Sporomex but remains interested in its activities.




Guy Entract
Project Manager















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