The following patent families are owned by Sporomex and can be licensed from Sporomex®. The list was correct as of April 2019.

1) Dosage form  WO2005000280

A dietetic or pharmaceuticals dosage form comprising of an effective quantity of an active substance chemically or physically bound to a support comprising sporopollenin, or other similar exine coatings of spores, of a plant or fungus, optionally with further excipients.

Country Application No/Patent No
Australia 2004251496 (Granted)
Canada 2,530,645 (Granted)
China CN1842325 (Granted)
Europe EP1638538 (Granted)
India 237 336 (Granted)
Japan 5059402 (Granted)
10-1190766 (Granted)
Mexico 282251 (Granted)
Malaysia MY-149933-A (Granted)
USA 7,608,270 (Granted)
South Africa 2005/10179 (Granted)

2) Uses of sporopollenin (Antioxidant use)  WO2007012856

Use of an exine shell of a naturally occurring spore (true spores as produced by mosses, ferns and fungi but also pollen grains, as are produced by seed-bearing plants and also endospores of organisms such as bacteria), or a fragment thereof, as an antioxidant, for instance in a composition or formulation containing an active substance.

Country Application No. / Patent No
Canada 2,616,443 (Granted)
China CN 101272761 (Granted)
Japan 5059759 (Granted)
Mexico MX/a/2008/001262 (Granted)
USA 7,846,654 (Granted)

3) Formulations comprising exine shells (Co-encapsulation)  WO2009077749

A formulation containing an active substance encapsulated within an exine shell of a naturally occurring spore, together with a protective additive which is also encapsulated within the exine shell  Provides controlled release of encapsulated active substance.

Country Application No/Patent No
Australia 2008337269  (Granted)
China 200880120985.4 (Granted)

4) Topical formulations containing sporopollenin WO2007012856

Topical formulation containing an active substance which is chemically or physically bound to, or encapsulated within, an exine shell of a naturally occurring spore. The active substance can be released from the exine shell on application to a living or non-living surface. The invention may be used to provide gradual release of the active substance over a period of time, subsequent to application of the formulation to the surface.

Country Application No/Patent No
Japan 5059760 (Granted)
USA 8,784,851 (Granted)

5) Whitened exine shells  WO2010004334

For use where a white colour is important.  Whiter exines can be used as delivery vehicles for active substances, e.g. food, beverage, cosmetic, or a pharmaceutical or a dietetic product and as antioxidants.

Country Application No/Patent No
Australia 2009269763 (Granted)
Europe EP2293783 (Granted)
UK GB2461646 (Granted)
USA 8,828,464 (Granted)

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