Future Plans

Currently collaborative trials are being carried out with international companies on pharmaceutical, agrochemical,  food, cosmetic, and personal products.

The company is actively seeking new collaborations particularly in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries where we have patent cover in a number of countries including Europe and the USA. 

It is anticipated that the technology could be applied with little technical development to:

1.  Pharmaceutical applications:

  • Delivery of injectables via the oral route.
  • Pulmonary treatment, where small monodispersed particles are available for trials.
  • Delivery of antibodies and vaccines by the oral or pulmonary routes.
  • Topical application (technology licensed for the topical application of cosmetic ingredients).

2.  Fragrance use in cosmetic, personal care and laundry products.


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Micro-encapsulation for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and personal care industries